Valentines Day Gift Guide for HER 2021

Valentines Day Gift Guide for HER 2021

Valentines Day is coming up & we want to share our top gift picks for HER! Treat yourself, buy for your favorite girl, or send some gift hints to your Significant Other! We LOVE these fun gifts and hope you do too!

1.Pink Waterbottle We could all use a little motivation to drink more water! This is such a fun water bottle with not only encouraging words, but a time stamp so you know when to finish by!

2.Polaroid Camera These are so fun! This camera prints instant polaroid photos just like the good ol' days! Such a fun and modern twist on a classic! + These are so cute to display in your home!

3.Leggings If you haven't tried these popular lululemon dupes yet, you NEED to! They come in so many different colors and are almost identical to Lululemon leggings but so affordable! It doesn't hurt that 17,000 reviewers agree with me ;)

4.Waver If you want to achieve the, "beach wave" look with your hair, this tool is for you! Super simple to use and creates the prettiest waves!

5.PMD This is one of my favorite at home facial products! It's been a different time and going to the spa isn't always as easy as it used to be. This at home microdermabrasion is amazing for your skin! So easy to use and it will help remove all your dead skin & help your cell turnover rate increase! 

6.Lip sleeping Mask The sleeping lip mask of all masks! You will LOVE the way this lip mask makes your lips feel and look! Winter months can be so drying and dry, cracked lips are no fun! Apply at bedtime & when you wake up your lips will feel Amazing! I even like to put it on during the day because I love the color & the way it makes my lips look!

7.Silk Scrunchies Silk + Hair = your new favorite duo. LOVE these scrunchies and how healthy they keep your hair! Pull it up during the day or at bedtime. Doesn't crease or damage your hair! + They are so pretty!

8.Barefoot Dreams Socks The coziest socks you will never want to take off! I love gifting these because who doesn't love a beautiful, comfy pair of new socks?! Especially in the winter.

9.Diffuser A beautiful USB, Cool mist diffuser. Portable and perfect for travel!

10. Promptly Journal Promptly has over 12 types of Journals & an app! They have a journal for everyone & everything! Journals to write about your children, your love story, gratitude, grief, blank and SO much more!! As someone who has experienced Infertility and miscarriage, as well as adoption- I also appreciate so much that they include journals specifically tailored to fit those experiences. Just as the name states, these journals have prompts throughout to help with you with your journaling! You will LOVE this gift! USE CODE "CALIANDOAK15" for a discount. Live through the end of February 2021.

11.Silk Pillowcase Just like the silk scrunchies, you cannot go wrong with silk pillowcases! This one has so many good review & is totally affordable! I have noticed a difference in my skin, hair, lashes and brows since using this! I am a side sleeper so all those things get wrecked in my sleep. My brows have thinned less, I've lost less lashes (I get lash extensions) and my face has honestly had less breakouts! It's so good my husband has even started using one too lol!

12.Chanel Chance Perfume I've been wearing this scent for 2 years now, and I get SO many compliments! It's long lasting but not overpowering! Such a light and flowery fun scent! Perfect for date night!

13. Nails I have to be honest, these have CHANGED MY LIFE lol! I'm not joking! The amount of compliments I've received on these nails...and they take 10 mins!! I was hesitant and skeptical.. but they have exceeded my expectations! They are only $13-15 and last 2 weeks! And they truly look better than most manicures I've had! You can also re-use them. Is there anything better? I don't think so lol.

14. Candle If you haven't tried the capri blue Volcano scent yet, you are missing out! SUCH a good scent that everyone loves! This is one of my all time favorite gifts to give, and receive! 

15. Clutch The perfect size, for SO many different uses! Use this as your purse, or keep in your bag to keep things organized! If you are a mama, this is the PERFECT size for your diapers, wipes and changing pad. I'm not a mama yet so I love it for travel, or to put my phone, wallet and keys in when I don't want to carry a bigger bag. Comes in a variety of colors + the quality and cost is amazing!

16.Buxom Lip Gloss I first found this gloss at a favorite things party and I've never looked back since! It's the prettiest shine but also gives your lips a nice plump look without the overly tingly feeling! Comes in so many beautiful colors too.

17. Slippers These Rachel Parcell slippers are SO good! So beautiful & cozy! So good for winter (or really any time of year who are we kidding!)

18. Starbucks Gift Card This one is pretty self explanatory but it is such an easy gift, yet one any girl will LOVE! Pick one up from your local Starbucks or send it as an email! 

19. Personalized Jewelry The most meaningful gift! I LOVE personalized jewelry and I love this company even more! Built in honor of their sweet 2 year old son who tragically passed away (and just so happens to be my perfect nephew!). This is something you, or your loved one will absolutely treasure! The quality is SO good! Customize your necklace, ring or bracelet with names, initials or sayings/symbols that are meaningful to you! Use code "XOXO10" for a discount throughout February!

20. Tanning Drops I love these drops! You just add them to your moisturizer before bed, and you wake up with a tan! They come in different shades & the colors look really natural!

21.Purse/Backpack These are my FAVORITE bags!! You can literally use them for everything! Diaper bag, purse, school's literally the bag for every woman! You cannot beat the quality, they are BEAUTIFUL + so functional! There are so many pockets & I am just obsessed. 

22. Bath & Shower If there is one thing I know we could all use more of, it's relaxation! I'm obsessed with all of these products! They are all handmade, and made from all natural ingredients!! They have the most amazing scents for all your bath and shower needs! YES, I said shower! If you aren't a big bath person, they also carry Shower steamers and it's like walking into a spa every time you shower + all the benefits! Love their products! If you are a bath person, their Bath salts and bombs are truly THE BOMB! You will love them!

23. Adidas These are by far my most favorite workout shoe! They are so comfortable I've even worn them all day/night at the Disney parks with NO pain! They are light, yet structured and come in so many amazing color combinations. You will not regret these!

24. Watch band Love the silicon watch bands! These are so 

25. PJ/ Lounge Set Times like these, you can NEVER go wrong with a new comfy lounge set. I don't know about you, but I've never worn lounge wear more in my life lol, and I'm not mad about it. (One good thing about 2020, am I right? ;))

26. Photo printer My husband gifted me this printed for Christmas, and I AM OBSESSED! I love polaroid photos, but sometimes it just wasn't practical for me to bring my polaroid camera. You can print any photo on your phone into a polaroid! It's so fun!!

27. Airpods Case I don't know about you, but I am always losing or forgetting my airpods at home! I love that these not only protect my airpods case & look pretty, but I love that I can clip them onto keys, or my bag/wallet so I don't lose or forget them!

28. Masks These masks come in the most beautiful colors! I've already ordered mine & cannot wait to wear them! + If you add your email you can get 10% off your first order.

 I hope you love these ideas & gifts as much as I do! Thanks for being here!


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