DIY Minimalist Christmas Wreath

DIY Minimalist Christmas Wreath

I love the glitz and glam of the Holidays! But I do find myself so drawn to the minimalist style so often! It's so pretty! 

I came across a wreath I loved, but I did not love the price- So in true Sarah fashion, I decided to try to make my own! And I love how it turned out! So of course I need to share it with you! It was really simple & inexpensive! This would be such a fun Holiday girls night activity, especially because you can share all the supplies since you won't use it all!

This is one of those projects that you can get so creative and use whatever supplies you are most drawn to! For instance, instead of a gold hoop, you could use silver, a wood embroidery hoop, even paint one a color you love. Then add whatever greenery you like! I also love how versatile it is! Just by changing the greenery/florals, you can use it all year long or for different seasons. 


  •  Metal Hoop- I got mine here for under $5 & there is a 2 pack available as well. You can also get them at any craft store!
  • Greenery- Keep in mind, you will not need much! I got a few different bunches from Hobby Lobby & Joann's & I only used a little bit from each one. I had so much left over! Both were on sale, 50-60% off because of their Christmas Sales so it's a great time to buy these! I paid less than $2/3 per bunch! You don't need large garlands or big bunches of greenery. I found mine with the rest of the ornaments and smaller greenery. You can always buy a bigger bunch and share with some girlfriends or use the rest inside your home somewhere else to decorate. You can even go through your Christmas items/decor and see if you have any left over greenery you could use! Sometimes items you don't use anymore just needs a fresh eye & all of a sudden it's a perfect item for this!
  • Wire cutters to cut the stems
  • Green Floral tape- This is also another item that you will have A LOT left over so it's good if you can share or use again for another project! I paid $2.99 for a pack of 2.
  • Ribbon or twine (optional) I used both on this wreath.
  • Bells (optional) I found mine at Hobby Lobby but they were not in the Christmas items. These are available all year round & in their craft section. I paid $2.99 for a pack of 6. You can find these at any craft store or on amazon like these copper ones 

First start by cutting your greenery at the stem ( don't cut all of it at first, that way if you have left overs, you can use it for something else) & placing it on one side until you like how it looks. (You are only placing it without tape right now. That way if you don't like how something looks you can always adjust it.)

It's easiest it you start at the highest point on one side, (about halfway up the circle) and work your way down toward the middle, laying each new piece on top of the last.

Continue doing that until you are happy with how one side looks. Then move onto the next side and do the same thing. Some things I noticed that made it look better was mixing the greenery and making sure one piece curved one way (towards the middle) and one curved out (towards the outside). This gives it a little more dimension but you really can do this with only 1 style greenery and it would still look amazing! 

(In the photo above you can see a large middle gap, once I started taping the greenery, it actually closed the gap quite a bit, so don't worry if yours is large like mine because it will be smaller & if it's not, you can always add more greenery)

When you are happy with both sides, grab your phone & TAKE A PHOTO- Yes, take a photo! That way you can remember where the pieces were. Once you take your photo you can remove the greenery from the ring and start attaching them with the floral tape.

Choose a side to begin with, and you will add the greenery at the highest point of your wreath. (this is the highest/middle point on the side of the circle). Wrap a piece of the green tape around the stem of your greenery a few times, then using that same piece of tape, wrap as tightly as you can around the circle. You want to stretch the tape just a bit because it will make it stickier. But try not to pull too hard because it will tear. 

Repeat this same process & stack each new branch on top of the last until you reach the bottom middle. Then repeat the same process on the other side, starting with the top middle again.


(Notice the gap difference now? Much smaller! So don't worry if you have a large gap.)

Once your greenery is secure you will just add your ribbon with a bow, or twine. I like the idea of a bow because it covers the greenery stems/tape in the middle. If you don't want to use a bow, you could wrap the twine or whatever you are using around the middle covering the greenery & then let the rest hang. 

& That is it! The entire project was under $20 & I had TONS of material left over. So you could make more & give as a gift, or split the cost with your favorite ladies (or guys lol) & have a fun holiday craft night! 

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions & as always,


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