POM POM Garland!

POM POM Garland!

Let's talk Pom poms! I see them EVERYWHERE lately!! And with no surprise, because they are darling! AND even better- they are SO simple to make! I saw this Holiday Pom pom garland at Anthropologie this year that totally inspired this project. It was a bit pricey, and I just could not justify spending that knowing I could probably make my own. Now I know some of you would much rather just spend the money because it's totally not worth your time- And I fully support that! I'm sure the anthro quality is probably better than mine anyway lol! BUT for those who want to get a little crafty and put that extra money towards something else, I have a really good DIY for you!

I'm thrilled because I scored and literally spent LESS THAN $3 on this garland! YES THREE DOLLARS! (Keep in mind I did have a coupon for the Yarn haha) Start to finish I would say it probably took about 45 mins maybe? Turn on your favorite holiday movie after the kids are in bed, or listen to your favorite podcast/audio book while you make this and it makes for such a good stress reliever/fun activity!

Here is what you need:

  • YARN ( I used  chunky version because I wanted my pom poms to be nice a thick!)

This is the exact one I used & you can get it here on amazon, or I purchased mine locally at Joann's Craft store. I used a $5 off coupon & that's how I was able to do it for under $3! So if you have a local Joann's near you, Download their app because they always have coupons & you can save quite a bit!

  • POM POM makers or a thicker CARDBOARDto make your own

This is the one I have, and Love! (my colors are different thought) You can make 4 different sized pom poms. For this project I used the Yellow sized rings(2nd largest). 

If you don't want to purchase the pom pom makers, you CAN make your own template. I've done both and in my honest opinion if I could go back, I would've bought the makers from day 1. The cardboard template is fine, but I found I would accidentally cut the cardboard and it started to get bent and it was just a little more time consuming. The plastic ones were A LOT easier & quicker  If you are only planning on making the pom poms once and never again, I'd say the template would be fine!THIS is the video Tutorial I used for making my own.


These are the instructions that came with my set & it's super easy to follow along! Once you make one, it's so easy! This is honestly a lot easier and less complicated than how I would've explained it lol so I'm leaving this here for your benefit.


When you get to step 5, I kept my string longer so I had room to tie it onto the garland. Mine looked like this, but you could honestly make yours shorter. I felt like I wasted a lot of yarn in the end so Just give yourself enough string to be able to tie it onto the garland.


 I made 8 pom pom's and my garland is about 5.5 feet long. You can make yours as large or small as you'd like! 

Once you make all your pom pom's, Next you will cut the string for your garland. I used the same yarn I used for the pom poms. I actually laid out all my pom poms on the floor with the spacing I wanted between them and then laid the string out next to them. I left a little bit extra on both sides for hanging. You can also just use a tape measure or eye ball the string to the length you want!

Once my string was cut, I tied on the pom pom's to the piece of string I cut out for the garland, by wrapping the two long pieces from the pom pom around it in a double knot. I then carefully cut off the extra pieces of string that were hanging from the pom pom.

After that you just hang it and you're done! These are so fun and trendy right now for Holiday decor and can really make a difference in your home! These would also be so cute on your Christmas tree! I layered mine with another felt ball garland, but you could layer it with pretty much any other type of garland!

For reference-I probably could have made 2 full garlands with the yarn I purchased in the sizes I did.

Hope you love this idea & that it gives you some inexpensive, but beautiful decor this Holiday Season! Thanks for being here! XO-Sarah

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